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I just would like to thank Monie Mon for featuring me in his blog. Its such a great honor to be part and considered as a young and gay proud individual.
Visit his blogsite:
KAHBAUGHERA “The Manila Scene Stealer”

 What is the biggest pressure you feel being in

 the GAY Community?

  “I will start out by saying that I’m proud that I am gay and I never made the choice to be gay. We have a
  social expectation dictated us by the society we must live in. I have been discriminated against,
  rejected and even pressured by my own family.
  I wish that people would set aside their biases, stereotypes or religious beliefs to understand our
  perspective and inner emotions. Any individual want to live their life to their liking. I believe that no
  individual want someone telling them how to live their life. I want to impart by saying that I am glad that
  we are unique in our own way. “Let us embrace our differences.”

Be respectful of all people. Gay or not. Seriously.

– xo Elite


36th National Milo Marathon


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    ☼ ♥ ☼ ♥ ☼ MILO MARATHON ☼ ♥ ☼ ♥ ☼

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More Shoes. More Dreams.

More Champions!

For years, the National MILO® Marathon has been the biggest running event in the country. This year, it will hold its biggest advocacy campaign to date. Ten thousand more MILO® running shoes will be given to underprivileged children in 2012. That’s more than twice as much as MILO® gave away in 2010.

Same as last year, for every runner who joins the National MILO® Marathon, a portion of the registration fee will be allotted to the advocacy. And the money raised will be used to produce running shoes that will be donated to different public schools selected by the Department of Education in the areas where the 36th National MILO® Marathon will be held.

All these efforts are in line with the commitment of MILO® to build a nation of champions. Because MILO® believes that MILO® is not just giving away running shoes, but also providing these kids with something they can wear to be champions not just in sports, not just in school, but also in life.


To inspire & equip underprivileged school children to excel in sports & in life by providing them a pair of shoes.

General Mechanics:

  1. To be part of the advocacy, one must register and participate in any of the 36th National MILO® Marathon races. A portion of the registration fee of each runner (amounting to P10) will go to the fund to be used for buying rubber shoes.
  2. In return, MILO® will contribute an amount equivalent to the total fund raised from the registration fees.
  3. The shoes will be donated to selected public schools in the areas where the 2012 MILO® marathon will be held. There will be five (5) recipient schools per provincial area and ten (10) per manila race. Each school will receive 100 pairs of rubber shoes.
  4. The process of identifying the recipient public schools per city will be as follows:
    1. The public school must be in the official list of schools who participated in the 2010 edition of the National MILO® Marathon. For cities not visited last year, selection will be based on the previous files available in the NMM database. To give chance to others, schools that were chosen as recipients in 2010 will not be included this year.
    2. Based on the list, recipient public schools per area will be determined by means of a raffle.
    3. The raffle will be carried out in the presence of DepEd representatives, MILO® marathon Manila organizers, and Nestle representatives.
  5. The school principal, guidance counselor, PE teacher, and MILO®coordinator will work together in identifying the deserving recipients based on the following criteria:
    1. For elementary level, the child must be 7 to 11 years old, while for high school level, the child must be 13 to15 years old. All recipients should be bona fide students of the school.
    2. The child must be a current athlete of the school or has the potential to excel in sports.
    3. The child must pass the academic requirements set by the school.
    4. Priority will be given to those who have participated in last year’s MILO® marathon.
  6. The PE teacher/Sports coordinator will monitor and assess the student’s development in academics, sports, and character.

This year, 10,000 more shoes will be given away.
As of 2011, 14,200 pairs of shoes have been given to
underprivileged children.

The National MILO® Marathon was first held on May 26, 1974 with some 747 runners responding enthusiastically to the starting gun that ushered in the marathon era locally. 10 years after, MILO® succeeded in popularizing running as a sport, with a growing number of runners responding to the call of the MILO® Marathon.

36th National MILO® Marathon Race Schedules:

1 Baguio July 1, 2012
2 Dagupan July 8, 2012
3 Tarlac July 15, 2012
4 Angeles July 22, 2012
5 Metro Manila Eliminations July 29, 2012
6 Naga August 19, 2012
7 San Pablo September 2, 2012
8 Lipa September 16, 2012
9 Puerto Princesa September 23, 2012
10 Tagbilaran September 30, 2012
11 Cebu October 7, 2012
12 Bacolod October 14, 2012
13 Iloilo October 28, 2012
14 General Santos November 4, 2012
15 Davao November 11, 2012
16 Butuan November 18, 2012
17 Cagayan de Oro November 25, 2012
18 Metro Manila Finals December 9, 2012


New York Gay Pride 2012


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   ♥ ☼ ♥ ☼ ♥ ☼ NEW YORK GAY PRIDE ☼ ♥ ☼ ♥ ☼ ♥

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New York Gay Pride celebrates a year of marriage

Tens of thousands celebrated the first anniversary of the legalization of gay marriage in New York state at the annual Gay Pride March.

“Let’s celebrate. We have a lot to celebrate,” said singer Cyndi Lauper, 59, the parade’s grand marshal, “Everybody can be married in New York.”

“Happy anniversary,” read one sign, in a sea of rainbow flags.

“Thank you, Governor Cuomo,” another sign read, referring to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who signed same-sex marriage legislation on June 24, one year ago.

President Barack Obama declared in a national address in May that he personally felt same-sex couples should have the right to be married. Marchers supporting Obama’s statement wore t-shirts saying “Obama pride.”

From nearby New Jersey, marchers Chet Kabara and Frank Mahood, a couple for 29 years, said Obama’s support for gay marriage made this event “very special.”

“It is the first time that anyone at that level of our government has recognized the legitimacy of our relationship,” explained Mahood, 73. Mahood feels that the next step should be the annulment of a 1996 federal law on marriage, stipulating that marriage is a union between a man and woman.

“Full equality,” a large banner floating down 5th Avenue demanded.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, participated in the march, as well as Christine Quinn, speaker of City Council. Quinn, 45, was joined by her wife Kim Catullo. The two women have been married since May 2011.

“It is especially important to be here this year,” said one spectator, Christine Weimer, 21, who came with a friend Jacqueline, 15, to “support the community.”

Some 45 floats rolled down to Greenwich Village, and thousands participated in the parade, including, for the first time, military personnel.

Since autumn 2011, a law permits them to openly disclose their sexual orientation.

Despite all the serious political messages, the ambiance was one of festivity, with extravagant costumes, dancers and multicolored wigs dotting the parade route.

Wearing a white straw boater with a rainbow ribbon, Frank Mahood celebrated the advancements of the past few years, even if he still can’t get married in New Jersey.

Mahood has been at every parade since 1971.

“It was much more of a protest. We couldn’t walk on 5th Avenue. Today, it’s much more of a celebration.”

By Brigitte Dusseau | AFP News Via

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“I’ve been in a pride march like this Last December 2011 The Pride Manila. Hindi Biro sumama sa mga ganitong events lalo na at alam nman nating lahat kung anu ipnaglalaban natin dito. Hindi maiiwasan yung mga kumukontra sa ginagawa ntin pero ang masaya ay yung napakaraming supporters like our Family and friends who will join your advocacy against Discrimination and fight for our Equality.  Looking Forward to join again for the next Pride march Here in Manila.  Mga kahbaugheras sama sama tayo para sa mga minimithi nating pagkakapantay pantay for LGBT communites.”



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 ♥ ☼ ♥ ☼ ♥ ☼  PRIDE MARCH  ☼ ♥ ☼ ♥ ☼ ♥

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JUNE 28, 2012
1PM Assembly
2PM Parade

Join us! Let us carry the 100 Meter Rainbow Flag, the LONGEST IN THE PHILIPPINES

Brought to you by:


Babaylanes, Inc.
Reproductive Health and Gender Advocates Movement (RHAGENDA)
IDAHO Manila Network
Philippine Atheists and Agnostics Society (PATAS)
Task Force Pride (TFP)
Metropolitan Community Church (MCC)
Gaudium Pilipinas
Philippine LGBT Students Network

Supported by the following:

LGBT Student Organizations
– DLSU Queer Archers
– ATENEO Dollhouse

College Student Councils
– College of Social Science and Philosophy
– National College of Public Administration and Governance
– College of Mass Communication






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 ☼ ♥ ☼ ♥ ☼ ♥ ☼ UNCONDITIONAL LOVE☼ ♥ ☼ ♥ ☼ ♥ ☼

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★All we need is love★

★When you are loved the whole world is like a beautiful bouquet of your favorite flowers★

———– (( *♥* )) ———- (( *♥* )) ———- (( *♥* )) ———-———– (( *♥* )) ———- (( *♥* )) ———- (( *♥* )) ———-———–

Unconditional love expects no reward, knows no fear and it doesn’t demand

★When you are in love you only see the sunny side of everything★

———– (( *♥* )) ———- (( *♥* )) ———- (( *♥* )) ———-———– (( *♥* )) ———- (( *♥* )) ———- (( *♥* )) ———-———–

★Being in love is the most magical feeling★

★Show your true Colours and be proud!★

———– (( *♥* )) ———- (( *♥* )) ———- (( *♥* )) ———-———– (( *♥* )) ———- (( *♥* )) ———- (( *♥* )) ———-———–

★Being in love makes us feel that we are capable of achieving anything★

★Love makes us feel so light as air but if we are not loved back our heart is so heavy as stone★

———– (( *♥* )) ———- (( *♥* )) ———- (( *♥* )) ———-———– (( *♥* )) ———- (( *♥* )) ———- (( *♥* )) ———-———–

★Being in love gives you self confidence that nothing else can give★

★The biggest pleasure in life is making happy the One that you love★

———– (( *♥* )) ———- (( *♥* )) ———- (( *♥* )) ———-———– (( *♥* )) ———- (( *♥* )) ———- (( *♥* )) ———-———–

★Being in love is like always heading to the most perfect direction★

★Love will never judge you just love you the way you are★

———– (( *♥* )) ———- (( *♥* )) ———- (( *♥* )) ———-———– (( *♥* )) ———- (( *♥* )) ———- (( *♥* )) ———-———–

 ★Being in love makes you feel immortal★

★Love is the perfect medicine and cures immediately everything★

———– (( *♥* )) ———- (( *♥* )) ———- (( *♥* )) ———-———– (( *♥* )) ———- (( *♥* )) ———- (( *♥* )) ———-———–

★Being in love is like a fairy tale that has come true★

★When you are with your love it feels like nobody else exists just the two of you★


Credits TO : LGBT NEWS 

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REPOST: WWF Event – Reverse the Bad : Takbo Tayo Kahbaughera’s


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 ☼ ♥ ☼  World Wide Fund for Nature ☼ ♥ ☼

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The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the world’s largest and most experienced conservation organization, believes that each individual is essential in the fight against the various environmental threats.

In line with this, WWF is  implementing a membership program for the youth dubbed Reverse the Bad.
Aiming to engage them in conservation efforts, the program shall include areas for dialogue, information drives, and environment-themed contests, to name a few.
Reverse the Bad will be launched through a fun run, organized by Without Limits and in cooperation with Blue Magnet Marketing Solutions, Inc. (Marketing Partner), on 22 July 2012 at SM Mall of Asia.
Open to both students and non-students alike, WWF aims to gather 3000 to 5000 participants. The run shall cover 3km, 6km and 12km.
Reflecting the program’s name, part of the run will be done in reverse wherein the participants shall back pedal through the course for 200 meters before transitioning to the regular run. Symbolically, it sends the message that we have the power to counter the circumstances leading to the climate imbalance we currently face.
WWF  believes that everyone has the power to help, and individual commitments add up to form a collective effort that has the potential to yield global results. More than anything, it is awareness that inspires one to live an Eco-friendly lifestyle.
———– (( *♥* )) ———- (( *♥* )) ———- (( *♥* )) ———-———– (( *♥* )) ———- (( *♥* )) ———- (( *♥* )) ———-———–
 “Namiss ko n din tumakbo at mgjoin sa mga  FUN RUN like this … Hoping na matuloy  kami dito with my friends and Office mates.  Tamang tama ito sa mga tumataba na ng bongga like me. Ahehehe. PUSH TAYO Dito”



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ECM For IDAHO 2012

———– (( *♥* )) ———- (( *♥* )) ———- (( *♥* )) ———-

The International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO), celebrated every May 17, was founded in 2004 by Louis-Georges Tin as an effort to coordinate international events to call for respect for lesbians and gays worldwide. May 17 was chosen as the date of the event because homosexuality was removed from the International Classification of Diseases of the World Health Organization (WHO) on May 17, 1990.

By 2006, IDAHO – and its call not just for decriminalization of homosexuality but also the uplifting of the status of gays and lesbians all over the world – has gained wide support, including several Nobel Prize winners (Desmond Tutu, Amartya Sen, Elfriede Jelinek, Dario Fo, José Saramago), artists (Merryl Streep, Cindy Lauper, Elton John, David Bowie), intellectuals (Noam Chomsky, Judith Butler, Bernard-Henri Lévy), non-government organizations (ILGA, FIDH), politicians, and many others. Globally, thousands of people from various communities (LGBT, as well as our allies) organize LGBT-related events from as far as Congo, China and Bulgaria.

In the Philippines, as part of IDAHO, localized campaigns were made by Outrage Magazine, among others, since 2009.For IDAHO 2012, the Bahaghari Center for Research, Education and Advocacy (Bahaghari) held a project, “I dare to care about equality”, a photographic campaign calling for everyone to take a more proactive stance in fighting discrimination.


“We celebrate those who believe in equality. “
-Outrage Magazine, Bahaghari Center and Elite Circle of Men