Your Welcome! Xoxo Elite :D





I just would like to thank Monie Mon for featuring me in his blog. Its such a great honor to be part and considered as a young and gay proud individual.
Visit his blogsite:
KAHBAUGHERA “The Manila Scene Stealer”

 What is the biggest pressure you feel being in

 the GAY Community?

  “I will start out by saying that I’m proud that I am gay and I never made the choice to be gay. We have a
  social expectation dictated us by the society we must live in. I have been discriminated against,
  rejected and even pressured by my own family.
  I wish that people would set aside their biases, stereotypes or religious beliefs to understand our
  perspective and inner emotions. Any individual want to live their life to their liking. I believe that no
  individual want someone telling them how to live their life. I want to impart by saying that I am glad that
  we are unique in our own way. “Let us embrace our differences.”

Be respectful of all people. Gay or not. Seriously.

– xo Elite


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